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Monday, April 19, 2010

What exactly do we really want?

is it fair to people to carry weapons around for protection of Safety, or is it Fear of losing your weapon of protection? Is it about the Government taking over the land, your home, your food, your property? These questions is only you can answer, but why is it that people in Power like to create disillusion and fear into people?, why is it that Corrupted government want to control everything? Because they are psychotic and mentally disabled like alot of us are, except they are more severe than we are.

When we rely on killing as the last mean of defense or to protect from a radical corrupted government, what's the price of one person to another? Are we really that fearful that a Government will take over our lives?

If the Corrupted government wants to control people's rights, take people's guns away or send threats to families and so forth, they can do that. Nothing is stopping them except the fact they don't care that you carry your guns on you. The only thing a Governemnt cares about is how to manipulate the Economic system so Big Banks and Corporations can run the world.

The U.s. Constitution is a peice of paper that alot of people like to stand behind to believe and follow everything on it, but when the Great majority of businesses, Corpoations, Banks and Politicians believe that they can be above some paper proclamations and create a world full of chaos, confusion and to create more profits for themselves, then they are only creating more of a destructive path for they're own Lives. The Govenrment doesn't want people's Guns, they want your MONEY! and it's been that way for awhile, so they can pay for black projects, military occupations, and Bonus checks to Big banks and Corporations, like GM and Ford.

A monetary system is so corrupted and so incredibly insane that we as a human race agree upon this Collective Agreemant to play by the game, and follow all the rules. Why? Because we don't know any other way. We believe if we just End the FED and End manipulation of the money supply will fix all of our problems. They will not work, because if we over throw one Controlling global Elite class, another one will follow in they're place all because of the money system that we all love to play will still be in place.

We Take life so seriously, and not understand that we need to Cooperate on a Global Scale not on a country wide scale. We need a new Direction to find our Freedoms and stop this game of control and manipulation which the tool is Money. We must get rid of the Monetary system all together and learn how to use technology and resources to share amongst a community and the world. This way we don't have to be so much in Fear of losing something when we never had it in the first place.

Ever since we were Born we were given a Blanket as a baby, we didn't bring out a $20 bill to pay for it, we didn't bring out a pistol and threaten the nurse to give you a Blanket. The Blanket was there and available for you. Normally Hospitals are never short on Blankets because they know they need enough for all the babies being born. So what does this have to do with your freedoms? We can continue to upgrade our lives on a continuous basis and live 1000 times more than Bill Gates, or we can continue to suffer, in Fear of protecting our valuable possesions, beer, money, tools, land, and weapons. When all we really need is FREEDOM from all the Laws, Restricitions and Scarcity of resources.

WE need the freedom to explore our selves and the world aorund us, not to rely on our Guns, paper proclamations, or our Monetary system to protect us.

We are all people here, we breate the same air, we eat the same foods, we all walk on two legs (unless you don't have legs), we all have families somewhere in the world, we all have a nose, mouth, ears, and eyes. We all just want peace, love, happiness and more importantly of all we All want Freedom from our Constructed limited Reality.

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