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Friday, August 21, 2009

Solar-powered UFOs spotted in the canals of Osaka, Japan

Solar-powered UFOs spotted in the canals of Osaka, Japan
Alien spacecraft exist, and it seems all they want to do is keep our water clean. A pair of Solar UFOs have been built by Tokyo-based engineering group NTT Facilities for the Aqua Metropolis festival in Osaka, Japan. (Coolest name for a festival ever, or what?)

Despite how they might look, the solar-powered duo are monsters in their own right: they weigh in at 3.4 tons each, and they are five feet tall and 16 feet in diameter. The machines are equipped with filtration systems that pump fresh oxygen into the water by day, and are ringed by LED lights that turn on at night.

Just like a whale, the Solar UFOs spray the clean water out of a nozzle at the top of the craft that in turn cools the panels, and they can purify 2,400 gallons of water each every day. One will be deployed in a canal in central Osaka, while the other will keep the moat of Osaka Castle clean until March of 2010. NTT also has plans to put more Solar UFOs in the water in and around Tokyo.Solar-powered UFOs spotted in the canals of Osaka, Japan
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Interview with Dr. Steven Greer on Project Chamelot

Talks about free energy systems that exists but are being suppressed by a few corporate elitist who do not want the Free energy released to the public.

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