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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The last water bottle you'll ever buy

Look out water sellers, this bottle might be so cool, it will put you out of business. A company called Half a Teaspoon plans to ship this 321 Water bottle in June if 10,000 people pre-order one. You pour in tap water, push down on its self-filtering plunger and poof! You've squeezed out all those poisonous toxins interlaced with your H2O.

Even if your water isn't tainted with toxins, this $44.60 bottle's 100-use carbon block filters ($12.50 for a 3-pack) might make it taste better by removing the chlorine. If nothing else, at least it could get you to stop throwing away all those plastic water bottles, destined to fill up the city dump with plastic that takes hundreds of thousands of years to degrade.

Got this from Dvice

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