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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Truth about War is out everyone: Why is Obama sending more troops?

Obama is sending more troops because he is listening to the Generals and not listening to the U.s. Constitution. Since both wars have been unlawful and unconstitutional. As well as we never got a fair and honest Investigation on 9/11 to find out who really attacked us on that day. 9/11 Was a pretext to war, not just on Iraq and Afghanistan but on Humanity, on our freedoms, on our rights, and on our privacy.

Look up the Patriot Act
Look up The truth about Al-qaeda
Watch Zeitgeist, and Zeitgeist Addendum which i continue to promote those two films.

Look up the Truth on The war on Terror, which all this i have located on my website A New World society in side bar.

It's time to wake up everyone, It's time to see the Truth for what it is and stop denying it and letting it go. We have to face it now or our lives will continue to get worse.

Iraq War Veterans Demonstrate Against Obama Surge

This is a prime example of what goes on over in these wars.