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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Access vs Property

Your property owns you and not the other way around, We don't need to own a Car, we just need access to viable and reliable transportation, we don't need to own a house, we just need to have access to a bed and roof to sleep under. We don't need to own a Computer, we just need to have access to the best and reliable computers out there.

There is a huge difference between owning things and Accessing Things and we must go through a shift in Consciousness to understand how much we can share the world together.

When we think of property and our things, we believe we need to impress others, whether that is Cloths in our closets, Cars in our Garage or how many tv sets we have. We are always trying to bring in more things in our homes to make us happy, although those things do make us happy for a short amount of time, in the long run, they really are a problem and makes us feel cluttered and can't move. Recycling has been around for years, but even that has not done much for us, atleast in cities like NY. Look at all the waste we go through on a daily basis and how much we throw away. Look at how we use our things, then not care about them in months later or even years later.

In the Internet world - we can send and receive files on an instant, copy share, and have access to what we want, atleast almost. What if our Physical reality could be the same? What if we could share the Resources around the globe, how would this effect your life? How will sharing change the way you live? How would Access to a large amount of Alternative free energy or fuel make your life better? Imagine all the doors that would open up for you. Imagine that you no longer would have to rely on paying for something that is a given right to have. Imagine if you could be with Friends, Family and enjoy life on a daily basis without the constraints of trying to make a dollar or two.

Sometimes we limit ourselves in this world, and cannot see our own Dysfunction of a society. People lose out on time, on bettering themselves because they have to waste their lives away to obtain things they don't really desire in the first place. What people really need and most importantly WANT IN THIS WORLD IS, TRUE EMPOWERMENT AND FREEDOM.

So We are only a slave not just to our own selfesh limitations but to our own Selfesh desires.

When will we take the chains off of our ankles and finally be self conscious of our world around us, and how much we interact with it? When will we shift our perspective of how the world can be, and not how it already is?

Do you need stuff? or do you really Want Freedom?