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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We Must Move Forward - ZDay2010 Promo

New Website created for Chambersburg local chapter

Visit Zeitgeist Movement Chambersburg

Everything is located here at this website you can still join A New World Society
Now this is the Local Chapter for all of us in Franklin county or just in Chambersburg to coordinate with one another. No longer do you need to follow this blog unless you choose to. It is also in a Rss feeds on both websites.

Loads of information and material to get you started from there.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Zday 2010 join the movement

Look for your local chapter on The Zeitgeist Movement website and get with your organizer for your local event.

I myself am not holding a huge event, but if anyone would like to contact me and would like any of the files, e-books, radio shows, lectures, films, photos, music, and videos then just let me know. I have loads of zip files for the entire zeitgeist Toolkit plus extra with music and open source software.

A bold new frontier for bike lanes: the sky

Bulgarian architect Martin Angelov wants to put bike lanes in a pretty weird place: the skies above the street. Before you dismiss the image above as a flight of fancy, he's actually put more than a little thought into the idea of bikers riding around on wires trapeze-style.

To keep the riders safe, each biker would attach to the aerial path by way of a handlebar-level wire. Then you'd simply ride along in a bowled-out bar that keeps the tire secure. There'd be no passing, of course, and it leaves one to wonder how you'd get on or off — or if it'd only connect two points, rather than letting people come and go.