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Friday, June 26, 2009

Ambient energy generator Technology, Energy in the Air and full of abundance

Ambient energy generators have the potential to replace battery power as an energy source in a variety of practical applications, particularly in remote locations. Research has shown that it is possible to produce electric power from ambient sources like human energy, radio waves and transmission wires. Traditional electrochemical batteries and fuel storage systems are limited by factors such as battery life, fuel supply and weight. Recent advances in electronic components and sensor technologies are steadily reducing the energy requirements of many remote components and devices, further advancing the potential capabilities of ambient energy power generation.

Human Kinetic Energy as a Power Source

Scientists are researching several new technologies which can harness potential energy from the human body. One such technology would generate electricity from the human foot pressure on stairs and escalators. The same technology could also be used to gather ambient energy in high-traffic sidewalks and hallways. Researchers from The Facility Architects in London say that each foot produces eight watts of electricity every time a step is taken. With current abilities 30 percent (2.4 watts) of energy can be produced by walking. Energy of this type could be used to power low-energy applications such as lighting and safety equipment.

Electricity from Broadcast Radio Waves

Small electrical devices are steadily getting smaller and more efficient. If the energy requirements of sensors, monitors and communications equipment are reduced far enough, they could be operated by intercepting the ambient electricity generated by radio and television microwaves. Wireless electricity is considered to be a form of free energy, limited only by its proximity to ambient electromagnetic sources. The Oak Ridge National Laboratory has performed research which indicates that the range of available ambient power from this source could be microwatts to hundreds of milliwatts, depending on distance and power of the transmitter.

The Future

Ambient energy has been harvested from alternative sources like geothermal, hydro and solar radiation since the beginning of human history. While these traditional ambient energy sources have excellent power generating capacity, there are limited in remote applications. Today’s high-tech world increasingly demands flexible, mobile and efficient energy sources. Alternative ambient energies could potentially reduce our daily fuel energy requirements, while helping to slow the depletion of global energy resources.

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Powercast Wireless Power System

Soon there will be a day when everything is Wireless, from Electricity, internet, and communications all are already almost there if not there already. I'm talking about wireless all around the planet, anywhere you go, free electricity, free wifi, free communications.

It's just a matter of time every one

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A New World Update 2

I'm sorry but i'm not doing the whole book, you are going to have to buy the whole book to read the other 18 chapters, I will do what i can to update using examples from what i've learned from the book to explain many different areas of a RBE and what issues you might have with an RBE, I will also answer your questions in the comment box so leave some Questions to each post that i make, so i can answer you on the topic i'm talking about.

No that doesn't mean New World Order, It's more closer to New World Society. I can also explain about the Nwo because i'm a huge expert on them as well. I know they're plans almost every plan, but i will do my best to explain them to you. Maybe i might not have to, since they have been making the news as of lately and will continue to make the news in the later months. So Enjoy!

Chapter 1

<br/><a href="" target="_new" title="Chapter 1 a design for the future video">Video: Chapter 1 a design for the future video</a>
Chapter 2
<br/><a href="" target="_new" title="Chapter 2 Changing Values in an Emerging culture">Video: Chapter 2 Changing Values in an Emerging culture</a>

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bartenders on the unemployment line?

Maybe not now but in a couple of years, could be quite possibly that bartenders will be replaced by this.

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Robots (in the know show) On Onion News

Talking about robots in our livesAre We Giving The Robots That Run Our Society Too Much Power?

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ZEITGEIST, Part 1" Debunked? Acharya Responds

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A New World-pre introduction

This is the first video of a pre introduction to The best That money can't buy, apparently it takes time to make the videos and post them on msn soap box. I will be sharing the book through my blog, but i strongly recommend that everyone get this book where you can buy it at The venus project website It might be in audio format but like i said having the book is actually better because of the pictures that it has and you can take it with you.

I don't plan on posting the whole book not at all, just the first few chapters, it is a very long book. Chapters 1, 2, 3 will be in the next post. After those you will have to get the book. The book is actually 20 chapters long. If you want to read the pdf book (Designing the future)
It is an extremely excellent read and well worth it to download.

Pre Introduction part 1

<br/><a href="" target="_new" title="Pre Introduction video">Video: Pre Introduction video</a>

Introduction to (The best that money Can't buy)

<br/><a href="" target="_new" title="Introduction (the best that money can&#39;t buy) video">Video: Introduction (the best that money can&#39;t buy) video</a>

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Zeitgeist The Movie: Re Debunked (Religion)

Anyone who is religious listen to this man he hits it right on target with his message. !-- AddThis Button BEGIN -->

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The Venus Project Playlist is now added

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Conspiracy Theorists Please Read (Nwo, Religion, earth's History, spirituality, life and an RBE)

Zeitgeist (pronounced De-zeitgeist.ogg [ˈt͡saɪtɡaɪst] (help·info)) is a German language expression literally translated: Zeit, time; Geist, spirit, meaning "the spirit of the age and its society". The word zeitgeist describes the intellectual, cultural, ethical and political climate, ambience and morals of an era (similar to the English word "mainstream") or also a trend. In German, the word has more layers of meaning than the English translation, including the fact that Zeitgeist can only be observed for past events.

That's from wiki, which i totally don't agree with the wiki page on 911, but the rest is ok.

Life: is Something we usually forget about and not looked at as important, Life is precious and deserves to be studied more deeply.

Religion: As i said i'm finished with History but Religion and MOney are the 2 biggest obstacles humanity has to overcome to regain peace, prosperity and harmony. For 1000's of years even my mother knows what religion has done through out the ages. In these days, you can't even talk about it because it is a huge subject that is within our own minds that is deep within our subconscious and conditioning over a period of time. As i said there is no Hell and no heaven, but both also exist on this plane of reality. Heaven and Hell is what you make of it, and that is the same in the higher and lower dimensions of reality. We live in a world where we have good and evil but in reality all there is (is Love) We all just totally forgot what love really is, and we go off our false created self the ego, which is actually where the evil comes from but really it is our own perception. The true message that most religions teach is To Love everyone, love your self, and love your home (the planet earth). From what i see people who say they are very religious or spiritual don't practice the Law of Love towards others. There are Laws of the Universe and nothing can break these Laws. Whether you like it or not we are all connected on all levels, and we can no longer use our own belief systems against another. My Whole family is extremely religious but i grew up by not listening to structures and belief systems so my mind was not as conditioned as they were. That doesn't make them bad people, I love them dearly and would do anything for them, My Mother is starting to understand what i'm talking about when i explain this to her. I have nothing against Christian people not all of them are so stuck in they're belief system and believe in a common theme, (Love your neighbers and your enemies, and your planet) That is what i hold dear to my heart. Also another thing i'm still working on is NOn judgement That is one of the most hardest things we must learn.

Law of Attraction
Law of Oneness
Law of LOve
Law of Vibration
Law of Energy
Law of Synchronicity
There are a couple more but Those are the most noticable

Nwo: Is a group of people who control and manipulate people by using power and money over them. As well as enslaving and keeping us in a fear based state of mind, by hording resources, controlling the advancement of technology and spiritual wisdom. They also have Technology that is only normally seen in Movies like Star Trek, But they hord this technology for they're own benefits. They do start things all over the planet like wars, and conflicts, and also major crimes in the U.s. to put fear into people but mainly they're weapon is money.

Yes they were responsible for 911 and the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Terrorists were just the cover up. Right now they are losing they're power as i type this, because millions of other people had enough, and are asking questions, and questioning they're own belief structures. They the Nwo created Revelations in the bible and followed every part of Rev. in the bible to the T. So they can come out with some super savior using holographic technology, lasers, and space age technology, using space ships to create a stage of a real life second coming. Yea i know that is hard to swallow but that was they're plan. Apparently it is not happening because people are not listening to our government or any other shadow government.

No one in the Zeitgeist Movement is not anywhere near a part of the Nwo, whether you like it or not we all have to come together as a New World Society and if you go out in space and see Earth from a distance, you will see no borders, no countries, no fences, no multiple religions, no money, you see ONE BIG BLUE PLANET WITH ALL OF US ON IT.

Earth's true history: Our History has been manipulated and distorted to hide the real truth of Earth's History. We don't all come from apes, or an adam and eve, we came from the Stars, now add in the Et's who did experiments on our ancestors to add or take away some of our genes who created us as we are today. Yes Et's did infact experiment on us, it is probably still going on but not as much as before. Now not all Et's are bad only maybe 10% of them. They all have different agendas. Soon though our skys will be filled with millions and trillions of ships because First Contact is right around the corner and it will be a peaceful visit. Mainly because our race is growing up and we are finally questioning our own governments, and we are questioning our own truth. About 80% of the sightings of ufo's are our ships that the shadow government use to they're own agenda. The other 20% are not from this world. I'm sorry to burst your bubble but this will all occur and challenge many people's belief system if not eliminate them on the spot. Our future is very bright for all of us, but if you continue to be in fear and disarray then our peaceful future will take longer. We are the saviors of our own, not waiting for a man in a robe, You will be waiting forever. So we must make the changes in our thoughts and feelings towards one another to make a difference to change in ourselves and the world. Our planet needs us now more than any time in History. Are we just going to sit by and not do a damn thing, put our hands up and say oh god will fix it.

Resource Based Economy: Is a system of sharing all natural resources with all earth's in habitants, using what we have now as Technology and we can definitely do that now. We were all born naked so we don't own a thing but we can share the world. In an RBE you would have extreme total Freedom beyond your wildest Dreams. Of course you can't see this because we all have been conditioned to believe there isn't enough resources to go around on the planet by Nwo. Infact the Nwo are well aware of what is going on, but they have so much on they're plate right now they can't deal with all of us people waking up and changing the future. Too bad for them. Free energy is the Beginning Key to all of this and there is plenty of Free Energy Technology that exists today it's just not getting into peoples Hands right now but it will.

True Freedom is when you can go any where you desire, see anyone you want, eat anything you want, create anything you want. This is the cornerstone of a RBE True immense Freedom. in a Monetary Controlled system there is no freedom.

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Warehouse Robots at work

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Robotic Teacher to replace Teachers

A little scary huh, it won't be long before Teachers will be unemployed as well.

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Technological unemployment

Either we throw the machines away or we throw the system away

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