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Saturday, January 9, 2010

California DMV workers being forced to work without pay

This is really horrible, but that is what companies are doing today because of the recession and how hard it is to get a job because of the unemployment rate they are threatening people's jobs if they don't show up for work without pay.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The causes of a Full economic collapse and the solutions for our current needs

I've created a much larger article too big to fit in this blog, but i've created a pdf for it to post in this blog where you can download for free and share with your friends and family.

Download Causes of a Full Economic Collapse

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sex and Public Nudity in our world

Throughout history people have looked at nudity as normal, except in the last 100 years we have become extremely ignorant, toxic and disgraceful to the human body. When we feel we have to be clothed either by force or sexual discrimination then there is something very wrong with our perception of our own bodies.
Being sexually attracted towards someone doesn't mean if someone was naked that this person will go ahead and rape them. We are so Fearful of expressing our selves in the public eye, because our culture background and religious beliefs. We tend to look at the Human Body as a disgusting piece of meat instead of an expression of art.
Even in the Bible it says God made man/woman in his/her own image am i correct?. So why should we have to judge someone for expressing they're physical form in public? If we go to different parts of the planet and visit other tribes in those areas, we notice that men and women live in harmony with each other naked, because it is they're natural custom. They don't need to worry about some man starring at they're body or a man to come up and rape them, because they have a respect and honor for one another in they're tribe.
When we think about sex, it's how much we are influenced by our peers, the media, movies, magazines, and television to get our hormones all wild up to think about sex so much because it's in our faces every single day. Sex is really not a bad thing though, or evil thing. Sex with another human being is just us expressing our sexual connection with that person and experiencing a union of male and female.
In Religious groups they believe people shouldn't have sex until after marriage, which all Marriage is a contract for financial agreements with your partner. They also believe that they should only have sex to have a child and that is it.
Exploring another persons Body is part of the natural expression of life, and learning about one another on a very deep and personal level. We are all very much connected in this world and we need to step beyond our boundaries of thinking of being separate from one another. Sexual activity in partners are extremely healthy, for the body, mind, and spirit. So to see someone naked in a picture or in real life is not going to change the fact that people have the right to they're own choices to wear clothes or not to wear clothes, and people should not be punished for something like this from anyone. If you don't like seeing someone naked, all you have to do is turn your head and look the other way, and don't judge, it is that simple.

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