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Friday, May 8, 2009

Welcome to The Venus Project Chambersburg Blog

This is Dedicated to Sharing the Venus Project, With the Chambersburg Community and Franklin county here in Pa.

It is So Very Important that we get over our differences, our bickering and fighting one another. Where now we must Unite for a common goal for the world. We must do this now more than any time in History. We must find new ways of Living and we cannot continue to grow on a system that is based on Non fiat Currency. A currency that has no backing, A currency that is losing it's Value every day, soon Unemployment will rise to 20% in our country and more and more people are losing they're jobs while prices are still either staying the same or sky rocketing.

I'm sure many people here in chambersburg are fed up with the economy and you can't just patch up an economy by throwing money at it. It's like trying to put out a fire with more fuel.

So we must look at the real problem behind this mess, 1. The Federal Reserve, 2. The Bankers, 3. The system, 4. Money/currency and 5. Governments and Politics.

Once we really see the true problem of society then we will start looking for new ways, now there is a way. A Resource Based Economy= the Fair sharing of all the planets natural Resources all around the world amongst all earths people. By also using Technology to replace all Labor jobs and full fill all our needs.

Many people are left in the dark by what we currently have as of Technology, and you will be shocked and amazed at what has been available and hidden from us.

It's time for Real True Change in our community, in our County, in our State, In our Country, and in our world. A total Redesign of our Culture.

I will continue to write posts, on educating all of you the best i can. As many other sources of information are on the Venus Project website, the Zeitgeist Movement, and Rbe foundation on the side panel.

Some of you are from other parts of Pa and all around the world are welcome to visit this Blog and Learn. I'll give you a list of Posts that i will be posting.

What is a Resource Based Economy?
Rbe vs communism
Relationships in a Rbe
What's going to be an Incentive?
Changes and Transformations
Science and education
Revolution of consciousness
What is really Money/Currency and how it really effects our daily lives
Updates on Radio Shows
The Effects of an RBe in Chambersburg
What is REal true Freedom(posted on Timewave2012)
Zeitgeist posters/wallpaper/pics
Venus Project Pics
Health care in a RBE
Media vs The Venus Project
Chambersburg group meetups
What is the most important in our lives and what matters most?
Transportation and Energy
Climate Change and Environmental Corruption
The Reason Why we must Change the way we do things in chambersburg
Sustainable communities and Where we need to start and why?

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