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Friday, May 8, 2009

6 Truly Incredible Statements from The Petition

I had to Include people from around the world and they're feelings about this project and our current state that we are in. These were Taken from The Petition With the Names included and Dates Written. Every So often i will chose 6 quotes from the petition and post them on my blog, maybe twice a month, to show you all that this is much bigger and wide spread than you realize. Truth is hard to handle at times but when reality hits you like how the economy is, then sometimes We must bind together and Unite for common cause, and that is work toward helping with this project to make the transition to a Resource based Economy. It is only until a full complete economic collapse in every infrestructure fall aparts until people start realizing what is really happening. Its sad how many of us are so skeptical at first and don't open our selves up to other possibilities. Now we have Hope greater hope than what Obama has promised us. It's time to act it's time to move forward it's time to let go of our old habits and Grow as an entire world Society.

If you were out in space looking back on earth all you will see is on giant blue planet.

2:23 pm PDT, May 8, Taylor Reisdorf, Canada
After thousands of years of living in scarcity, humans finally have the technology available with which to launch ourselves into a society where all needs are met and we are free to pursue scientific and philosophical truths. To grow as a people we must cast aside our fear of the unknown and recognize that the only way to avoid moving back is to move
forward. The Venus Project represents the greatest opportunity we have to achieve this wondrous new paradigm.

3:17 pm PDT, May 8, Jason Waters, Pennsylvania
i recieved the link about the movement from a cousin, and am not able to watch more then ten minutes at a time because of the vast amount of information being fed to you and to me its simply astonishing, it was an immediate eye opener for me and once i started to see it in action the things that were said, are actually happening in front of my face and i was jus too conditioned to see it but now that i do i am eager to put a stop to it and change...

5:59 pm PDT, May 8, Tyler Hann, Kansas
After watching the both parts of the video for the first time, and feeling everything click and fall into place within my own mind has changed me forever. I was already very skeptical of the system, politics, government, money, religion and the thought of widespread corruption. This movements ideas and perspectives, in combination with the incredibly well thought-out plan of action has opened my eyes to a world that previous to this point only existed in my dreams. I will do everything in my power to support this project, and to let every single person I know/meet about these ideas, and about the things I have learned about how completely backwards the monetary system really is. This is the answer, open your mind, free yourself of money, possessions and war...and allow in a brand new world filled with unity, prosperity and love for all the things that fill this beautiful planet we get to spend our days on.. if we don’t we are rapidly approaching the end.

May 8, 2009, Prism ~, Washington
UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. TOLERANCE. JUSTICE. MERCY. if we spent as much energy helping each other as we do competing for resources - we would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is ENOUGH to go around. P E A C E & P L E N T Y as i understand it, the entire population of the world would fit into the state of texas giving each family 1/2 the square footage of a regular sized subdivision house - with the rest of the earth unpopulated...that should put the true nature of our resources into perspective. the wealthy elite want us to compete - they want us to be greedy and fearful. if we share and take care of each other - their system will eat itself.

May 8, 2009, Lucas Currie, Canada
The ideas presented by Mr. Fresco and others in association with the Venus Project have moved me. I find it tough to live in a world where such an obvious solution can be presented mainstream to the people, and their ignorance, totally inverse of the lies and propoganda of the institutions, can prevent them from taking action. I plead to my friends, my country, my fellow humanity; do something! The zeitgeist website outlines many different forms of activism. Take initiative, don't watch and wait. We could do it.. Revolution isn't impossible, it simply accompanies mass personal sacrifice until the ideas take hold with the public. Let's be those people. Why worry about the material living you've been raised on when you have the ability to eliminate it for the betterment of mankind?

May 8, 2009, Shaun South, Nevada
Through many years of false advertising and the establishment of a continuous corporate sponsored media, the global civilization as a whole has been miss-guided into thinking that the earth's natural resources are not only inadequate in supply, but also inefficient in design leaving is suspended in fossil fuel dependency. NOW, with the exposure of what we have been longing for, the truth, we now realize that the natural resources needed to propel us entirely into a global economy based on these principals and not on the subject of money can actually be achieved with the help of us all. It is up to us. Employment truly is slavery regardless of economic stature. It is time to perpetuate ourselves into a future that will allow all of earth's inhabitants to be free from irrelevant monotony. -#13,461

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