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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Digital Generation

Today's world is different for our children. The technologies we take for granted or simply don't understand have become a part of our children's identities. This digital bombardment is shaping who they are and who they will become. We must realize they live in a different world, and speak a different language.

This book and its subsequent DVD explore the characteristics of the new digital generation, and how education can be modified to enhance their learning experiences while supporting both traditional literacy and essential new 21st Century Fluencies. You'll see how the digital generation thinks, learns, views the world and interacts as we follow them through this vast digital landscape. If we want to take part in nurturing those who will be the architects of our future it's up to us to learn their language and step into their world, so that we may truly understand the digital generation.

This book and DVD are both part of the 21st Century Fluency Series, providing a wealth of resources to educators aimed at making learning relevant in our technological age.

This guy is right along what most of us have been talking about within the Zeitgeist Movement and right along with Jacque Fresco on Education, Technology and Science.

If you want to listen to him on Coast to Coast am Radio, Please let me know i will share the audio clips with you.

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