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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What would people really do in a RBGE?

Today people wouldn't know what to do in a Resource Based Economy, because today people don't know what they really want. IF people had more opportunities to express them selves in a clean, healthful, and abundant environment, the possibilities for growth would be unimaginable.

We continue to see things today in our current Monetary system, so many of us can't even comprehend or understand the major implications this all has on so many of us.

We are always trapped by Fears and insecurities, because we have too much stress on our minds, too much frustration and too much DEBT we have to continue to deal with on a daily basis.

Once people begin to see the advantages and the amazing benefits this system really has, there would be no question to jump on this and make it happen.

For all the foods to be made, you ever think about Replicators? Of course not, because today we think it's impossible. How about Travel? What if you can travel around the globe in 30 minutes using teleportation. Don't you think that would have huge implications on more things to do?

"What was impossible yesterday is possible today"

Maybe people would want to learn more about who they really are, since so many of us assume we are just this mind and body, and i'm sure people would want to do alot of Soul Searching in this type of Environment, and i'm not talking about Religion. It has alot to do with Spirituality and learning your true essence.

Imagine the major growth in this kind of Environment, without money holding any of us back the amount of Growth would be astonishing in our civilization, in all areas.

We were never born to make a paycheck each week we were born to be Explorers and Creators, to make this world like a paradise, but we just tied in to our own Selfesh needs and desires instead of thinking about the Caring copacity of the planet and other people's Needs.

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