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Friday, November 27, 2009

A fully automated Robot that cooks Noodles in Japan

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Noodle-making robots taking over Japan
Noodle-making robots taking over Japan

While a noodle-cooking robot has been around for a while, apparently noodle-creating has just entered the robotic age. The Sanuki Shokunin robot can make traditional buckwheat soba noodles and other Japanese noodles of varying thickness and ingredients, but this robot is eyeing global dominance. A slight change to the settings and it can also crank out Chinese noodles too. Lo Mein anyone?

The robot is meant to save time with the ability to churn out 700 servings an hour, and it also saves money, since any employee in a restaurant can make it instead of relying on a noodle sensei. It's being billed as an attraction to entice customers to see their noodles being made by robot hands. Since when did "hand-made" become a bad thing?

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