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Monday, October 5, 2009

thoughts on tesla, wireless power, patents & copyrights

This Aren't my thoughts but i feel the same way he does, If you all knew what does exist your blood would just get boiling, and you would have so much anger, but that isn't what we need to do, We need to except the past for what it is, and get on with the way things are today. We still need to rise up and stand up for our rights and freedoms, but again we need to demand that technology be exposed to the public as well.

The Corporations are trying to hold back Free Energy devices and other technologies that would benefit mankind and save the world.

We all are already in Star Trek Age but many of us don't even know that yet. We can use existing technologies today to reforest our deserts, travel to other planets, Teleport to mars, Replicate our foods, and heal the sick, as well as run our homes forever.

This is what is called corporate Earth, now we must rise up, and come together for freedom, truth, transparency and love

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