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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stewart Rhodes founder of (Oath Keepers) On MSNBC - Hardball with Chris Matthews Part 1,2

IF anyone who is the Military or Police forces checking out this Blog, visit

And learn about what the Oath keepers really are, Msnbc is a huge propaganda news station and they will do anything to dis credit anyone from not obeying any authority.

It is not about obeying your commander or any politician, it is about obeying your oath that you took when you joined.

I'm an Ex U.s. Army Veteran and i'm part of the Oath Keepers, even though i'm some one who greatly does not like violence or any civil wars. I am someone who will stand up for what i believe in and stand up for my family.

That is where it comes down to are you there to protect the interest of the filthy rich? or are you there to protect and honor your family and friends, the people who you love?

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