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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Venus Project in 2011

In 2011 A Resource Based Economy and the Venus project is going to be extremely well known through out the world, the solution to all our problems are already here, it is up to us to implement this system and communicate with others about this, to push into a New world society, to push forward a new way of living, to push forward our evolution in our world, culture, and our minds.

Lets make a difference, lets change the world, lets abolish money. I'm ready for drastic change are you ready? Are you ready for the system to collapse? Are you ready for the end of this monetary system. We don't have much time left and it won't be long unto people wake up to what is happening. There is not much time left to transform our society.

Watch Zeitgeist Addendum
visit The venus project website
Visit my site A new world society

All the videos, knowledge, information, links and resources are all posted on that site. It even has this blog in a feed. It is well worth it to see this site.

We are running out of time everyone, learn to love and share with one another we are going to need each other to get through this.

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