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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Transfering over to the Other Blog

This blog will still be up and running but i will begin posting much more on A New World Society. This site has been my most important project to get it right and simple to go through.

You can still subscribe to this blog, but i highly suggest subscribing to The blog over there. This blog will also be located on ANWS in the feeds, so your not missing anything. I just don't want to post twice anymore.

I also have Timewave2012 which i've been not posting too much over there like i used to.

I've been focusing so much on The new Website and adding everything that i can to it.

It is still very dedicated to The Venus Project and a Resource BAsed Economy. Infact over there you can register with the network and be able to post anything you would like to. It doesn't have too many members but it is growing.

The amount of information is much more easier and expansive on this website than i can do on this blog.

so don't worry i'm not shutting down this blog, i'm just not going to post on a constant daily basis or maybe a weekly basis.
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