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Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Great Transition Plan

I came up with an idea to end this madness and how we can all become free and start this Resource Based Economy. It is the best one i've come up with, but it isn't' anything new.

This is the plan to end the greed and corruption in this world, the power hungry individuals in power. They only have power with they're police forces and military, if we can get to Law enforcement and get to the military to join the People's Force and abide by the law of the Constitution and make sure they uphold they're Oath and explain to them about a Resource Based Economy, and how they're lives and families would be living in this kind of Environment, then we might have a shot.

P.J. says we have to get off the system and that is a somewhat good idea but when you begin to get off the system, they will try to threaten you in many different ways, and won't leave you alone. So My idea at getting all the fire power on our side, maybe when we get enough law enforcement and military personal we might not have to fire a shot in this revolution. That's My idea and i hope maybe you can find everyone you know who is serving this country either in the National Gaurd, Reserves, Navy, marines, air force, special forces, state police, local police, swat, and other law enforcement groups. Try your best to educate and share with them about the RBE and the Criminal acts that have been done against humanity. Show them love, honor and respect the best you can. Visit the Title to find out details about this Transition Plan that i've come up with.

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