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Friday, June 19, 2009

If you had problems with seeing the Blog

This afternoon the blog was going through a revamp and a redesign, i apologize for any inconvenience and i hope i've made it better for you all to read and understand, I added a few add ons To the Blog along with a Shout Box, Zeitgeist Tv, and a Picture Slide show well that was already on there, but new pictures have been added.

Another item i've added was a share and save box, look for it in the welcome Tab. It is more better than the one i've had before. I still have one on every post but i will work on changing that one to.

Anyone who is new to my Blog and havn't seen the old design i'm sure it is a huge fix and upgrade. I know we have a long way to go to get to a Resource Based Economy so what i will do is share tips, knowledge, wisdom, ideas, and Real technology that exists on this blog to help propel you to become more self sustaining, and more educated.

We can't be system with guns and ammo, or lay back and not do a thing, we all must do our part to help collapse the system and make our lives better and easier for all of us.

I hope you all have been to the Venus Project Website if you havn't i strongly recommend you go there. Luckily the blog is 99% finished which i will upgrade the blog like i have with the other Blog Timewave2012 where you can find the link to that in the Recommended sites.

Please take the time to read through and watch the material, Check out some of my older posts there are alot of them. My other blog is over 370 posts, i look forward to posting close around there in time. Anyone who loves the slide show that i have can copy and download any photos you would like for your pc. They are all on Picasa Web albums which is one of my favorite online photo places.

If you would like to contact me i will be adding Contact information on this Blog on the right panel it is one tab i didn't add yet, but i will work on it. I'm mostly on Facebook and the Zeitgeist Movement forum is where you can find me the most.

Please leave any Comments that you might have and i will answer them to the best of my ability thanks.

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