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Monday, May 18, 2009

TVP Radio update: Technology/For the People who just don't get it

A new show is on today if you would like to listen to it. (TVP-Radio)/Thunder is his radio name. I Strongly suggest all of you if you have any doubts about this Venus Project or making a Transition to a Resource Based Economy. Many if not all of your questions are answered on the show. Check side Panel for the Show------------>
Listen to S.g. Aka Thunder™ on Blog Talk Radio
The Shows Are also Down loadable in Mp3 format so you can take to go on your ipod or mp3 player. I Highly Recommend his show along with two others that dig deep into a Resource Based Economy. These shows don't come on every day
This is his Quote from his blogtalk Page.

"There has been a thread in the ZM forum called, "Venus project doubts: Please change my mind" that has come to my attention recently. The author of the thread has made some comments and criticisms of The Venus Project that really need to be addressed...yes, I know we've done this before, but I feel it's necessary to get this on the air for the people that just don't get it. Join me and my co-host Neil, aka VTV of V-RADIO for 2 hours of enlightenment and understanding...this is going to be good!!"

Seriously for all of you who still don't get it or understand, please listen, learn, research, study, and feel from your heart. The Problems are too big to fix, the economy is collapsing at a rapid pace, There has never been a Time for all of us to start thinking outside the box to save our race. Our future depends on each and everyone of you whether you like it or not. Chambersburg will be hit by the economic collapse and things will change around here. A Total Redesign of our entire culture is the only way to go up and to live in peace and harmony with each other and the planet. Your Children and Grand Children deserves this

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