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Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Reason Why we must Change the way we do things in chambersburg

As many of you what you do know, things are happening with the economy, while people are losing they're jobs, losing they're homes, losing love ones, and Relationships breaking up. Over 50% of Marriages end because of Finances it might be higher. Wars, Greed and Corruption is because of money. Poverty, and homeless is because of money. Scarcity of food and water is because of money. Fear of not having enough for what you need is because of Money.

As many people in chambersburg continue on they're daily lives, things are changing and transforming in other parts of the world which in turns effects our city. The way we have done things and treated others in the past has turned out to be disasterious. We continue to Trash our city, we continue to walk by homeless people and don't give a Damn, we continue to see others as either super rich or Poor. We continue to compare our selves with the things we have, and we continue to hurt others for things that don't even matter.

The times are changing, Things are happening and shifting, and people are changing. New technologies are out there that can change the world and lead us in a much better direction of peace, prosperity, cooperation, friendship, abundance, and love. Our city can collapse at any given moment like a Domino Effect. Why do we see people committing crimes in our city? Because of the system we are in, because of our Environment, because people need money to survive so they steel from businesses, or steel from other people, and we wonder why we want so much security and safety from thiefs. Because We are scared and we are scared of not having enough, we are scared of others not having enough. So the only right decision is help go to a Resource Based Economy, to work on coming together as a community and start working together to make changes. What kind of Changes? First we have to look at each other As equals no matter what color, shape, size, sex, religion, if you are rich or poor.

We shouldn't base someone on what they have, but what kind of person they are.
As you can see so much dysfunction in our city that needs alot of fixing. Have you also noticed how we are so much behind everyone else as of technology and age. We have no transportation system, are utilities are still using oil, we aren't totally recycling like we should. We still see each other as seperate people. Our community has alot of growing up to do and alot of coming together as well.

The signs are all around us, Many of you are going to awaken sooner or later, and will find the truth out on your own. When The time is Right you will be ready to understand.

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